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Finding Lexus Pre-amp Line

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i have a 1995 LS400. i am trying to install a JL audio sub and amp in my trunk. i was wondering if anyone knew where the stock "bass woffer's"(located on the back deck) amp was located? or if anyone has a wiring diagram of the stock headunit that shows which wire is the pre-amp to the stock amp? anyway to get a preamp line would be awesome. my stock headunit is the "lexus premium sound" one. thanks in advance for any help.

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On a 93 LS400 it is to the front left of the truck on the wheel well behind one of the cardboard covers. It is small about 1 x2 x 4 inches. Trying to dig out the schematic.

Mine was broken. Added a JBL amp. Hooked up the signal and the on/off control from the head. Works great.

Also had a missing subwooker when I got the car. Was a 8'. Bought a Lexus one on ebay to find it was a 10' one. Mounted it anyway and I am very happy


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This Is what I used and It seems to match up on my 93LS. Took A volt meter and the powers and grounds line up. It would also be easy to test the sub out puts. just narrow it down till you have just the preouts left over. Can't remember where I found this. Tried the web site on pic, but that didn't seem right.

Again this semmed to match up on A 93 not sure about a 95. Worth checking.


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