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Need Some Help With My 470 Susp.


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Posted a few weeks ago about taking our truck to toyota for the 60k tune-up. We ended up going with them and saved about $600.

The problem, the suspension is now always hard and even if I adjust the control to smooth it does not respond. It seems to be locked in firm/sport mode.

Any suggestion? After all the talk of wrong fluids, I worry that maybe we should have stayed with Lexus service.


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What is 'firm' mean does it have suspension travel--or are the accumulators flat and you have no suspension travel? If they put brake fluid in the suspension reservoir--all the 'rubber' parts are toast. Mega $$$$. Same with antifreeze. ATF not great--but no permanent damage.

Either you have flat accumulators or the solenoid control valves are stuck in 'firm' position. Will the vehicle raise/lower if you change the height switch? If it doesn , that lowers probability of the problem being the solenoid valves

Sounds like a very good diagnosis is needed. If you do not have any appreciable suspension travel when bouncing on the corners--most likely flat accumulators. OEM are $500+ each. I can rechange them for $175 each.

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