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Locked Gear Shifter


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I'm not sure what causes the problem, but I've experienced that same behavior from time to time with my 91 LS400. What's strange is that it has only happened a couple of times. Each time, the problem has vanished after engaging the manual override then resetting to automatic.

The problem has not reappeared in quite some time, probably a year or more. Although now that I've mentioned it here, I would expect it to reappear soon :whistles:

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Check your brake lights. If they are not working, you need a brake light switch. When you put your foot on the brake, the switch tells the ECU the brake is on. The ECU lights the brake lights and sends a signal to the shift interlock ECU. The shift interlock ECU takes the brake signal and the signal from the PRNDL (neutral safety, gear shift position) switch and decides weather or not to energize the solenoid to release the shifter.

You can check the PRNDL switch position and brake switch with any OBDII capable scantool. It is a remote possibility that the solenoid itself may have gone bad, but it's unlikely.

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