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Power Door Locks And Key Remote Problems


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I have a 1996 ES300. It has the lexus key with a single small button on the side which locks/unlocks the car.

I just had something wierd happen yesterday. I noticed that once in a while, the key with the button to unlock the doors would sometimes lock / unlock when I didn't want it to. I thought it might be a sticky button etc. I figured it could possibly need a new battery...

The problems started when I pushed the key button and the car beeped / and unlocked the car as normal. I hopped into the car and the car beeped again, locking the doors. Curious, I put the key in the ignition to see if the car would in fact start after it beeped and locked the doors. The car was able to start. I turned the car off, and pushed the button on the key again, but it didn't unlock the doors. I wasn't sure what to do, so I manually flipped the door lock on the drivers side door and sort of expected the alarm to go off, luckily, it didn't. Oh well, I thought, I'll just go to radio shack and get a new battery put into the key. I did, but to my dissapointment, I came out from radio shack with a new battery in the key, and pushed the button... it didn't work. Now I thought it must be something wrong with the key itself.

I noticed that since this happened, it seems that since the last thing that happened was the car beeped and locked, the car must be in lock mode? Now the power door locks don't work when you push them on the drivers side and passenger doors. also, the button on the drivers door to open the trunk no longer works. The dome light no longer works when you open the doors, and the map light no longer works. I can open the trunk if I put the key in and open it manually, but it seems like the car electronics don't all work now because the car is in lock mode??? any help would be appreciated. Please email me directly at:

thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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