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just bought a 1996 gs 300 for my son. 121600 miles, silver, $6800.

anything i should know. i bought this to replace the 1968 cutlass convertible he wrecked before thanksgiving. he's paying for this one so hopfully it will no wind up backed into a tree. he's a good kid, just had an accident on a wet road and it got away from him. it's happened to me before so i really can't b**** too much.

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Welcome and make sure he spends lots of time on here searching for answers to any questions and asking any questions he can't find searching. I hope your son has an decent job as parts are kinda expensive ( we have some websites for good prices, but still expensive compared to a cutlass convertible) At the mileage you have on the GS a few things should be done if you want it to run well and stay running well. These cars are awesome IF you keep them maintained and the motors are bullet proof as long as he doesn't do anything stupid. He should be saving for the timing belt change as it needs to be done at 120,000 if it hasn't already been done (hopefully it was done at 60,000 for the first one with the next at 120,000). These are big heavy cars to, so they can get away from you on wet roads also if you're not careful, as one members girl friend on another forum found out. B)

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welcome to the club. sounds like me when I was about 16. I totalled my 1970 Ford Mustang 302 Boss on the freeway. It was a car that my dad had given me and yeah... he was pretty *BLEEP*ed. So I went ahead and got a honda accord, then a turbo supra, and finally my 93 lexus gs3. I just recently hit 200K on my car and it still drives like a dream. As TurboGS300 said, parts and services can be pretty pricey. I take my car to the lexus dealer in san diego and they charge a good 400 bucks for a tune up. you could do it yourself, but you have to take a part a lot of components just for two plugs underneath your throttle body. Another thing, these cars are very low maintenance. the only major part i had to replace on my car was the waterpump. Either than that, my car still rides like a dream. So have some money set aside in the bank just for the car and make sure your son keeps up the maintenance on it.

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