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I just picked up my 2003 Graphite GS 300 and I absolutely adore it. Heres What Im looking for. The LED signal mirrors/mirror covers. Not the "Toms" ones that are smaller, but the ones with the full size wrap/around (like 8-10 leds in it) mirror covers. Just like the Mercedas. Any suggestions i can be emailed at


Jeremy Jordan

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:cheers: Thats what I am looking for. Are those on your ride Neo? Are those on a Aristo or GS? What is JDM? Japaness Digitmon? HA HA

Help me out here Neo, I am just a rookie here. I am more familiar with Classic Mustang part dealers.

That is the whole new mirror right, not just a cover?

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These are just covers. The original poster was asking about covers. The ones on my car are the Tom's covers that the original poster did not want. :) I have to say I like the newer covers better too. I've had mine for a while now so the new covers were not available at the time.

If you want full replacement, you'd have to have a bodyshop (or you if you know how) custom mold an MB blinker onto the OEM mirrors.

JDM = Japanese Domestic Market.

These covers are JDM and this is part of the problem. They are made for the Japanese versions of our car, i.e. the Aristo. The L and R mirrors are angled differently and these covers are made with the angles of the Japanese cars in mind. This is bad for the US cars since we are reversed. Even with the covers, there is some custom work to reshape the covers. The reshaping is what I had to do for my car.

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