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Need Better Sound Quality In 2005 Rx330


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We recently purchased a 2005 RX330. This is our first SUV and we are disappointed with the sound system, as we are use to driving sedans with 6X9s in the rear. The radio is the 8 speaker 132 Premium Sound system, 6CD changer, not the MarkLevinson version.

Can we add some 6x9s behind the rear seats? (I know I must build a box.) Could I disconnect the rear door speakers and run the line directly to them?

We just want the rich full sound we are use to. I don’t want it loud, just better. So I was hoping not to add amps, change the stereo, etc. Just some better speakers.

Any advise?

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The ambient noise level in the LS430 at 70mph is about 70db, your Sienna is likely higher than that. When you next buy tires look for QUIET summer tires, helps a whole LOT!

Also emptying a whole can of undercoat in each wheel well helps too.

Also frequent silicone lubricant of the window "gaskets" help to keep them "live".

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