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Telescopic Steerimg Wheel

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Yes, thats a C_BEST setting, it can be deactivated by the dealership. The 99 model is absolutely programmable.

Looks like there is no C-Best setting in GS's after 1996...confirmed with two dealerships and their shop's foreman. The service advisors/manager didn't know jack so went in the back and asked them myself.

So, post-98 - I think we're sol..anybody have instructions on how to unhook the motor?


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Guy - you are definitely the man when it comes to knowledge base.

Thanks for the post - and the link!

What do you suggest I do? I mean what would be the reasoning of both of the lexus dealerships foremen for giving me false information. I was even willing to pay the dealership the $42 charge that they quoted me.

I don't get it?!

Please advise - thanks!

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Talked to South Bay Lexus (the 3rd dealership I contacted) and told him of the situation. I faxed over the Lexus TSIB and he talked it over with his people and gave me a call back an hour later and said: YES it CAN be done!!

It just really disappoints me that the the other two dealerships didn't have a clue and gave me an emphatic "NO" - you know? Well, needless to say, South Bay, even though they are a bit of a drive for me, has now earned my business.

Guy - I think your doc did it - can't thank you enough! A big hip-hip -horray for guy - he the man!!

Thanks to all others that posted, as well.

P.S. They are charging me $49 bux. I think it's well worth it - I can't stand that screeching sound when the wheel telescopes!!

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I wrote a letter to SM Lexus complaining of lack of due deligence - their service manager called me yesterday - apologized for the incorrect information and did it for free last night!

Couldn't be more stoked !

It is fast you can get someone's attention with a simple letter. Well glad it worked out for you! :D

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