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Service Gs400

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Anyone know what exactly they do at the 60K service on the GS400?

And has anyone had it done cheaper elsewhere? Lexus of Albuquerque wants almost $900.00.

Thanks in advance!!

ASK THEM...Depends on the year, but should be lof/rotate brake inspection...coolant flush not drain and fill....tuneup with plugs, remove and inspect caps and rotors. scope check for failing coils and wires, scan check for pending codes. Trany srevice, diff service and (possibly)t-belt(it's due). Your toyota dealer will probably do it all plus a t-belt for 6 bills with oem parts. Ask for a toyota master or MDT to work on it and you will get the best the shop has... better than you average certified Lex tech. The MDT's are usually bussy with the harder problems/complaints. They will appreciate the service work and personal request. Every time you go in ask for them. You will get to know the tech and they you. We all have access to TIS that has all bulletins, campaigns, and svc manuals for Lex, Toyota, Scion. Toyota part may not have Lex parts on thier system because it is house programing not web based like TIS. When you start feeding techs good service work is when you start to get freebies done on your car. Talk to the tech not just the svc writer.

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