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Light Indicator On!

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Hey guys,

So last week i had my trunk fixed and repainted. I backed up into someone so I had to get my trunk fixed. I noticed that after I got my car back and turned my lights on, on the consol, the backlight indicator turned on. I looked up what it was foor and the manual said it was that one of the rear lights was not working properly. I thought it was becuase They removed my spoiler light and the signal was confused. So i plugged in the spoiler back in and the light was still there. I then noticed that my licence plate lights were out, so I replaced them and thoguht that woudl do the trick. But the light indicator is still on. Can Anyone suggest what i should do next? The other two red lights on the trunk work perfectly fine so I know the trunk is plugged in.

Do i need to reset the fuse? I knwo that it should not have anything to do with the spoiler no longer there. Any adive would be appreiciated.



98' gs400

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you shouldn't need to reset anything, once the fault is fixed the light will now longer come on.

It doesn't sound like a brake light fault as the warning light for them only comes on once you press the brake pedal for the first time. It you turn your lights on and the warning light comes on then it's a problem with the taillights.

Might be worth removing the bulbs and clean the connectors, maybe even replace the bulbs because if their resistance changes it can trigger the system even though they still work.

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I'm new to my 2001 GS300 and have the same light. I tap the right lense and the light comes on until the lights are off then on again.

In order to access the light socket, I have to take the trunk liner off and then remove the lense with the nuts, right?


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