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Cd Palyer Wont Work


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These things crater all the time and there are only a few folks who fix them. I am installing a Kenwood unit this week to do away with that piece of crap in the trunk.

I will let you know how it turns out.

i just started my car one day and all of a sudden my cd player wanst playing cds at all.  it just says error on all 12 cds . any ideas as to what is worng and would it be better to possible upgrad and get a after market headunit or indash dvd player

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JohnnyB822, One of your cd's maybe jammed...occurs when switching from cd to cd. Question? are you able to eject your cd cartridge?

If you are not able to, you need to slide the cover of the cd unit open to reveal the cd cartridge. You should be able to see the jammed cd, use an eraser head to slide the cd back into the cartridge case. Then close up the cover of the cd unit and hit the eject button which will allow you to take out the cartridge.

If that is not your problem try disconnecting (resetting) the socket located under the trunks black lining.

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