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Tire Sizes--and Lack Of!


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Why is there such a very limited number of tires to choose from (in the oem size) for the lexus lx 470???????

What size tire do the 470's run?

There seems to be a fair number of options for the 450's. Granted it's not going to be in stock on every street corner tire store because they are a little bigger tire than most SUV's I've seen. In the all terrains (figuring in either a 275 or 285), you've got Michelin LTX, Bridgestone Dueler Revo's, BF Goodrich AT Ko, Dunlop Grandtrek, to name a few. I'm sure Firestone makes one and probably Goodyear too. If you get into mud terrains, there's whole nother set of options.



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ah...I understand.

I just dont know why there are such a limited amount of choices

As Doug mentioned, I'm sure it all revolves around demand. Just not enough people out there running that size for companies to justify getting into the mix.

Not what you want to hear, I'm sure... but that's just how it goes.

Good luck.

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18" wheel market is pretty small. 15" and 16" have the most choices. I noticed there even aren't many 17" choices. There should be more, as the 4runners use mostly 17" wheels (and 16"), and since toyota sold well over 100,000 units last year (excluding the tundras/sequoias), it'll be a matter of time until more choices are available. For years, even 16" wheels had limited choices, as 15" was (and still is) the offroad standard.

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