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1993 Sc300 Mass Air Flow Sensor


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I looked at cleaning the mass air flow sensor on my 1993 SC 300. Doesn't look like I have an accessible wire to clean. Behind the air cleaner is the square, took off the five wire harness, three screws and lifted it out. There are no wires to clean, nothing that even looks like a sensor. Replacement cost $460. Am I looking at the right place.

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CODE 25 and 26 are lean and rich fuel mixture errors. most often the problem is with a fuel filter, or one of the main oxygen sensors. The Mass Air flow sensor measures the tempature of the incoming air and calculates the air flow based on the difference of the tempature of the incoming air and a set point programmed into the ECU. Most often this is not the problem with a code 26 aznd 26.

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