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A Heads Up On Brake Squeal


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Many of you know how I got this Lexus for very cheap. For those that don't I'll give a short explanation. Basically this guys mechanic (whom this man trusted to no end) told him a lot of things were wrong with te car that were not. Like bad air suspension ($1000 struts)....only problem is...the car doesn't have air suspension. ETC. I tried to convince the man the car did not have air ride...but he insisted and I wound up buying the car for a very cheap price. Since buying the car..I have not found one thing right that this mechanic told him was wrong with this car.

Anyway the brakes squealed on the car when I got it. I was going intop the front end anyway and while I was there I noticed the front brake pads were installed upside down. They are directional...and should be installed with the relief cut in the pads facing toward the rotation of the wheel. If that description is not clear...what I mean is when you are standing looking at the wheel...the relief would be down.

I corrected the pads orientation while I was there and the brake squeal stopped.

A couple days later..the wife is complaining the brakes squeal...but only when backing up. I glanced at the rear brake pads and they didn't look like they were directional. So I said "Just don't back up. A Lexus is to be driven in forward direction anyway." :lol: And I postponed looking for the problem until today.

I pulled the rear pads and they looked like they could be installed either direction. The pads are relieved at both a lot of cars are. So I pulled the pads anyway and took off the "anti squeal" metal pads on the back of the pad. Sure enough...they have an arrow on them...indictaing that these metal deals go on only one way. And of everything this mechanic ever did to this car...they were backwards.

I turned them around so they faced the correct direction and that was it. No more squeal forward or backwards.

Somewhere in Las Vegas is someone (don;t know who) that is not much of a mechanic but must be a smooth talker.

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Hey, 95LS-I''m trying to figure out what you mean by "relief cut" in brake pads. I have a 94LS, and my brakes squealed like crazy, so I replaced the rotors and pads, and they still squealed. New Raybestos NS Noise Solution pads. So I went back, and put the original pads on the new rotors, and all is fine.

So my problem is that the old pads are wearing out, but the new pads squeal. As far as I can tell, the new pads are all identical. All have that deep cut on the pad face. I'm confused about the rotation angle. Maybe '95 pads are different?

Any thoughts are appreciated. You must be a neighbor-I live in Henderson.


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I'm in Reno...bought the Lexus in Vegas.

I don't know that the pads on the front of the Lexus are oem or aftermarket. But there is a relief (maybe chamfer is a better word)...a place on the pad where the material is cut away...about 45 degree angle....and this cutaway area needs to be the first pad area the rotor would "see" when the wheel is rotating forward.

So..if your pad has this cutaway area....if you are standing at the wheel looking at it...the cut area would be closest to the ground.

Did that help?

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I do lots of brake jobs for my myself and customers and I think this will help

anyone with noise issues.

1) Use "Disc brake Quiet Spray" by Permatex. Basically you spray it on the

back of the pads before installation. NOT on the pad surface.

2) Make sure that you clean the rotor with brake clean before reassembly

3) MUST lube guide pins. Pull them out of the boot, clean them off and re-grease.

This causes the pads to wear unevenly if they're dry. I can guarantee that someone who installs pads upside down didn't take the time to do this !

4) Break in the pads by going from 40-0 about 6 times a 1/4 mile apart. This beds the pads.

5) If the new pads come with shims, don't use the OEM shims in addition to these. Just use the ones on that come with the pads.

6) If your car calls for ceramic pads, use them as they are the quietest.

Knock on wood, I haven't had any issues with noise....


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