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Anybody Familiar With This Problem?


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Hi members,

When I start the engine and start to move the car, the sound (ghrrrrgggg... like scratching sound) comes from the front right wheel side. To be exact, when I hit a little gas and turn the wheel to left, it makes sound. The strange thing is that it doesn't make sound when I turn the wheel to right. Strange...

Any ideas guys??? Please let me know! :lol:

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might be a lot of things, tell me more first, is the engine worm? is it during the whole time while you drive the car or only in the beginning?

its definetly not the BELT and it does not have anything to do with your progressive power steering, does the noise increase with rpms or speed?

let me know

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I can hear deep (Grrrrrr) noise at the front right wheel when I am making a left turn. And it's only happening at slow speed ( less than 30 miles an hour ).

I have looked at all the bushings... they seem to be in good condition... I am thinking may be a ball joint? It can't be CV, because it doesn't have one.

Thanks all.

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Jack it up and turn the wheel. If the bearings bad you'll hear it. You can try the other side thats not so noisey as ameans of comparison. Mine started out like yours but got progressively worse til she was really screaming then it was time for new front bearings. Mine really cooked inside and I was lucky because it all came to head near home. I'm sure the dealer will want alot and you can do it yourself but you need to read the book and have access to a press to get them off and back on.

The bearings are big monsters and highly engineered. Another reason why we can expect 500k+ out of these cars.

If its not the bearing then you might want to consider the brake system next. Once past that I guess suspension.

What year, how many miles?

Good luck.

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