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94 Ls Strut Replacement Or Bushings


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I was getting new tires on the car and the local tire shop said I needed new struts front and rear. They said the struts were bottoming out (when I push down on the car, the suspension still seems firm to me. The car has 175K miles on it but I have only owned it for 2 years so I have no idea if they have ever been replaced). I have a multi part question.

1. One shop recommended going with the KYB replacements because they had better hydraulics. One shop recommended using only OEM replacements. They said they are as good as the KYB and Monroe struts and are a lot cheaper. Does anyone have any feedback or experience on aftermark vs. OEM.

2. When the car goes over speed-bumps, the suspension moans like the bushings need to be replaced. The noise is more predominent when the car is cold, but it is there when the car has been driven for a while. It happens in both hot and cold weather. Does this "moan" sound like struts to you or bushings?

TIA, Paul

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My LS needs upper control arm bushings, though everything else seems OK. I jacked the front end up by the front lower control arm til the wheel is just off the ground. This takes the load off the kingpin/axle ( one side at a time). Then I grabbed the upper arm and was able to push and pull it in and out about 1/8". New bushings are on order. Struts are fine; no leaks, no boat-action on the road. Alignment is out of wack because of the bushing problem.


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