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Draining A 2002 Gs430's Torque Converter

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how would i go about drianing the torque converter from a 2002 GS 430?

someone told me that I may have to drill a hole and letit drain out, and the plug it, but the plug cannot be too big or it will put the thing off balance or something, can someone please clarify?

I was told that the GS430's tranny takes a dry fill of 8.9l (9.4 US qts). how much of that is in the transmission and how much is in the torque converter?

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The old technique of drilling and plugging torque convertors is now no longer recommended by anybody. Leaks, out of balance, and the introduction of metal shavings into the convertor all put paid to that procedure.

Just drain the trans pan at the usual intervals and don't get carried away with the flushing idea.

For a 2002 model I can't imagine why you would need to do this anyways.

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I might as well do everything right now, how would the transmission shop go about doing this? any ideas?


dry fill for the GS430 is 8.9l (9.4 US qts)

drain 1.8l (1.9 US qts)

means what? torque converter takes 8.9L and the actual transmission takes 1.8L?

will filling thr torque converter with amsoil make it run better and smoother or?!

I got a case of the amsoil ATF here.

Mobil1 5w30 is working great in the engine thus far. 4 days and it has not burnt a drop of it. I was worried that the prev owner used like XR4 or Castrol GTX in there and killed the seals with it. The dealer or who ever had the car last did a dino oil change before sending it to auction, the engine was louder with the oil that was in there and it was still clear.

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