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Greetings... just got back from the dealership and it looks like stock is somewhat limited around these parts. I received the following price quotes. Pretty much base models with the third row seat included. A 2004 for $41,500 and a 2005 for $45,000. Aside from the engine difference, both have the ivory interior that I'm not really fond of. The 2004 is an Ash Blue Mica that I want, the 2005 is the Blizzard Pearl.

Another dealership much further away quoted the same based models with the third row seats for $43,900 in either the Meridian Blue or the Black. The 2004 model they had was also the same, Ash Blue Mica with ivory interior and they were able to quote a price of $41k for that model.

Basically I was looking for a 2005 base model in Ash Blue Mica and Grey interior. But this was the best my local dealerships could do. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I'm surprised your dealers have any 2004's left at all. I check my Lexus Dealer all the time, and the 04's were all gone the week after the first 05 showed up in early December.

As you mentioned, the only difference between 04 and 05 to speak of is the added 35 horsepower. I have an 04, and have never felt that it exhibited any lack of power or acceleration, but having those extra horses is better then not having them.

If you get an 05 now, it will be worth more then an 04 whenever you decide to trade it in in the future. You would need to get enough of a price advantage on the 04 now in order to make up for that.

Colors are of course subjective, but meredian blue with the dark gray interior looks awful nice.

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Yeah this car seems very popular. The closest dealer had NO stock. Only one certified used on the lot. They weren't getting in any for another four weeks and most of them were spoken for. The next two closest dealerships are the ones I'm dealing with right now.

The one further away had my color choice, the Ash Blue Mica with grey interior (2005). But it also includes the navigation system which I didn't want and the third row seats. The price he quoted was pretty good, about $46,800 or so. $1,500 above invoice.

Anyway, I ended up matching the price at the closer dealership. $50,700 out the door.

MSRP: $45,775.00

Nav: $3,050.00

3rd Row: $2,030.00

Hitch: $50.00

Rear Spoiler: $551.00

Preferred Accessory Pkg: $232.00

Destination: $650.00

Total $52,338.00

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