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Do Lc And Lx Have The Same Battery?


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I think the battery is my 01 LX needs to be replaced.  Toyota charges 104 while Lexus wants 140.  Anybody know if the LC battery is the same as the LX's?  Thanks!

I didn't think there was anything special about the battery used in these vehicles. IIRC, my 97 came with an Interstate. You can get alot of battery for $140. Personally, I wouldn't go the dealer route on an item like this.


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no difference in batteries between the LX and LC.

no need to get a Toyota battery. As Rookie said, you can get any battery for your vehicle.

Make sure you have one with enough CCA (Cold Cranking Amps).

I'm currently running a Kirkland brand (from Costco) battery in my LX 450.

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I didn't have to cut a larger hole.

I removed the rubber grommet in the existing battery tray, pulled the wires through a bit so they'd reach -- I recall having to cut a zip tie or two to do this, but the cable is long enough. I then reinserted the grommet behind the big cluster of inline fuses and stuff.

Good point though about the terminals.

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They are probably right about not having to use a Lexus battery. My wifes 2000 LX470 battery started failing, I called my service tech (Scott) and he said to stop by anytime. My wife stopped over with the kids in the truck he brought a technician over, tested it and put a new one in. She was in and out in 10 minutes. The price was probably higher than I could get on my own standing in line or making an appointment at sears or firestone but the service was spectacular. I didn't have to lug a battery around or deal with installation, disposal, etc. I know I paid a premium but received premium service in return. Good Luck!

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