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Speaker Size


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Not quite sure what you mean by "brackets" but I wouldnt suggest scrapping the boxes that the speakers are mounted in. These were custom made for your particular car by the Nakamichi engineers. In creating these they take many factors into a account such as door thickness, density of panel composition, available air-space, etc. If your speakers are blown you can always have them re-coned or buy replacements. You have two 4" one-ways and a 10" (Could be an 8", cant remember right now) center subwoofer on the back panel. You have two more 4" one-ways in the door panels with component tweeters placed in the front door sills. Had mine re-coned and system sounds like new. $20 each. On my 1993 SC400, all four of mine were blown.

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i was very surprised to find out the car was running all 4" speakers. the audio system is well designed but lacks power handling. (i needed more power b/c i'm running a 4X80w amp).

if you do not want to use the custom boxes in the front door, you can fit a 6 1/2" speaker in the opening. you will have to drill your own holes and use backing straps to hold the speaker in place. the speaker will be "floating". be warned as the speaker not be enclosed thus producing very little bass.

the best way to run 6 1/2" is to custom a plate that cover the whole opening.

you can try to cut the box to custom fit the 5 1/4" speakers (which i have done) but the speaker will still touch and rub against the door panel/speaker grill. a quick fix for this problem is to add another speaker grill between the speaker and the door panel, and let the panel rest on the grill.

for the rear, you can remove the housing and fit 5 1/4" speakers. you will need a 1/4" to 1/2" spacer to raise the speaker (you can use the mounting plate that usually comes w/ the speaker, and you will have to drill your own holes. take your time.

hope this helps.

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