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About The Gs300 (newmemberquestions)

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Currently I own a 1999 4runner on 33's. I like it but I could go for some luxury now, and alot more speed. Anyways I dont wanna get something I dont like asmuch or more then my 4runner. This link is to cardomain where I found a lexus i would definitly like better then my 4runner. I would ask this guy questions but I dont think he respawnds to often. Anyways over all im looking at a Price (not of the car) but of the mods i would have to do to it before it looked like this. Also i dont think this is a Stock paint job. So should i buy the car White to have this paint job done to it? Anyways if some one could give me a total to get this stuff done to look like this guys i that would be awesome. I wanna see if its waaay outta my price range or not. no pricing on interior... i dont think theres any pics of that anyways on his site. I'm just consernd about the exterior right now. Also if anyone has any Sound Bit Clips of what there After Market exhaust sounds like or short vid's plz post.. I havent heard a GS with a A/M exhaust around anywhere. Thanx


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I can't tell too much by the pics and he does not list his mods.

The color is OEM: Spectra Blue Mica.

Looks like he has Work Euroline LS. I don't think they are available as that anymore but are now Work LS105. New, they are about 1200 per rim for 20s. 18s are about 900 per wheel. This is list price so you might be able to get them for a bit less. The used market is obviously less but will depend on sizing and the seller. This is just what he has as there are a variety of wheel makes out there.

He has a TTE front lip which goes for about $300. You just need to get it painted and if you are handy, you can install it yourself (or with a couple of friends). He has no other aftermarket body parts that I can see.

He is dropped but he does not mention with what suspension so it is hard to say. He is dropped pretty low so I am assuming coilovers. A good set of coilovers that will maintain good ride quality will run you between 1200 - 3000, depends on brand. I honestly don't think you need to spend on that high end.

He has clear front side markers which runs $10-$20 on eBay.

If you see anything else, let me know and I can try to ballpark it.

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