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Rf Cd Changer Install...please Help =(

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CAR: 1997 ES300


hi there. I bought an aftermarket RF CD changer and i'm having problems with the power. I need to attach 2 wires to a positive 12 volt power source and I thought i was suppose to connect it to the power source behind the radio. I took out the radio (see picture) and but i realized i have no idea what i'm supposed to do next...hehe. Is there a wiring guru that might be able to help me?

I attached a picture to this posting. It's an image of the wiring harness behind the radio. The red and yellow wires are the ones i'm supposed to connect to a power source. I thought i was supposed to connect them through the holes in the picture, but it seems like i'm missing tiny metal clips to make that work. I'm not even sure if that's what i'm supposed to do. Any suggestion? I appreciate any type of advice I can get.

Thanks to everyone who's read this posting. =) And double thanks to that knowledgeable person who can help me out. And to everyone, have a great day!


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It won't work with your stock head unit. You need to replace with a RF head unit in order to work.

actually, i'm not trying to connect the rf unit to my stock head unit. The cd changer has its own controls. I'm just trying to find out how to connect the power source which are indicated by the red and yellow wires. Am I supposed to connect them to the wiring harness? maybe the fuse box? maybe splice a power wire in the back? *confused*

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This is not an answer to youre question , but i have a Sony Net MD and was using it with the cassete adapter , the sound was excellent. But when i went to the RF transmitter the sound is not nearly as good....its ok but Im very picky abount sound quality. I hope you end up with better luck than ive had. By the way with the MD I dont use a power source other than 1AA battery and it lasts a month or better.

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