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96 Es 300 Center Wheel Caps


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going rate?


i don;t think you could buy used normal chrome wheel caps for $20

the gold is perfect but could use another coat of clear to make them perfect

I guess I don't really know. I thought I saw a set on ebay for about $80 but the emblems weren't gold.

Since they are used...I think $80 is a good price (especially since you mentioned something about applying clear coat).

steviej - Thanks for the tip. I don't mind paying more if they are new and will work on my wheels but I need the gold emblem. :)

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$80 is fine shipping should be about $20

so $100 total shipped

i use paypal for web transactions

let me know your email adress if interested.


here is my email:

i have a couple more questions...

1- are these for chrome or alloy wheels? (the picture looks like alloy)

2- are all the clips and stuff there to use them or will i need to buy something else as well?

3- what do i need to do to add another coat of clear? is this something i buy at an auto store?

sorry for my ignorance. i am not too car savvy. thanks! is a link i found to a place that sells them. might be helpful to someone.

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they are for alloy wheels

never come across chrome plastic caps

all the clips are there which is 12 of them

to add another coat the best way it to use paint removed from home depot

the logos are easily removed from the cap with 4 tabs and a drop of silicone

once removed then wipe them to remove the old clearcoat completly or as needed

then lay them on newspaper and spray tremclad clearcoat over them in thin layers

about 4 coats will make them last for 6 years eaisily

total time should be about 1 hour to do the job

then they are like new

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