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Crying Noise


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I have been experiencing a crying noise coming from my power steering (on my 2004 RX330, with 20,000 miles) when the vehicle is cold. It only makes this noise while turing the steering wheel 2-4 times then stops. It only does it when the temperature drops below 50 degrees and is worse the colder the temperature. The dealer cannot fix it and is stumped! Anyone having similiar problems?? I have had the problem since it was new.

Also any upadates on the ticking noise comming from the dash when temperatures also drop below 50 degrees?

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I had a noise like that with my 2001 RX300 and it turned out to be the bushing at the bottom of the steering column needing lubrication....may yours has the same problem.

I also had a ticking noise coming from the dash. After removing the dash and replacing the dash clips (didn't fix it) they finally removed the cowling at the bottom of the windshield (on the outside) and added an insulation kit. This fixed the problem.

It's taken about 4 years now, but think I finally have all the squeaks and rattles and groans out of my RX300 ;)

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