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Replacing Leather Seat Ls 400


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my front seats were wearing out so I bought new ones (wow they were great looking) instead of having them repair with a new section on the seat which would look different from the rest. Cost me $600 but it was very well spent. Included the arm rest, headrest, and the seat of the seat paper holder. Total 10 leather pieces. The original backseat paper holder was made of vinyl. This kit is made of all leather. It took me 5 hours to do the first one (passenger) coz it was the first time. Wow i learned alot about power seats. The second one was only 2 hrs. Now it looks and and feel like iam in a new car. I will include some pics next time.

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I replaced my front seats with a couple from a junkyard a while back that were in excellent condition and they only cost me $125 ea. They look great and mostly work great, but unfortunately the replacement driver seat does not have the memory option installed, which I previously assumed was a standard option. Apparently it's not :(

I'm considering moving the electronics from my old seat to the new seat, along with the memory module mounted to the underside of the seat. On the surface, it seemed rather straightforward, however, as I began removing the components from the old seat I discovered a group of wires that travel up the back of the seat, but I'm not sure where they go or what's in store for me once I get to their ends.

Before I start pulling the seat apart I want to be sure this is even feasible. Any tips on how I might accomplish this task? Are there additional components inside the back of the seat that would be difficult to port to another seat?


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:cheers: Congratulations on your seats! I have a 90 LS and would love to replace my seats - they look good but don't have the "support" they did originally.

I think we would all be interested in where you got your "kit" and if you found replacement material for what goes under the skin?


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