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did you notice a big differnce in how the street and your headlights looked compared to the stock lexus bulbs?

i noticed a huge difference....... the stock bulbs are yellow, the Silverstars are bright white, you can def. see the differnce on the roads and the street signs,a much brighter and whiter look

one think i have noticed about the silverstars is they need to be broken in, for some reason the longer you have them in the brighter and whiter they get....i've also noticed that when looking at the bulb they have an outter purple ring now around the beam pattern, looks really clean (i've had em in for about 2 years)

i had a buddy put some in his LS and we compared the two....... mine were much more brighter and whiter than his, this was the same when i put them in the Xterra about a year ago, but now they are solid white and very bright.

they really look great.

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Have a look at The definitive expert on automotive lighting including comparison of light output. I upgraded the wiring harness to the headlights. Higher output bulbs may actually have less light output from less efficiency due to wiring. I found that the best standard wattage bulb out there (which makes them legal) is the HIR technology (Halogen Infrared) they are absolutely wicked! They are documented to have 88% higher output than OEM on the low beams and 60% on the high beams. Don't make the mistake of buying IPF brand as the quality is inferior. Phillips is great quality. I don't think Sterns website lists them for sale but he does sell them. If you email him he is great with replys and help and the price is way under a hundred bucks a pair.

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