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Rx300 Color Combinations


what is the best color combination for an rx300  

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  1. 1. what is the best color combination for an rx300

    • indigo ink pearl (dark blue) on ivory tan
    • indigo ink pearl (dark blue) on black
    • silver on ivory tan
    • silver on black
    • gold on ivory
    • gold on black
    • pearl white on tan
    • black on ivory tan
    • black on black
    • other?
    • 0

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From a maintenance and resale perspective, the best exterior color is always white. White fades the least, matches best when repainting is required, is the easiest to clean and wax, and has been the most preferred color by the general public for almost every brand of vehicle (except Ferrari) for decades. If you choose a white exterior (especially for a vehicle that you plan to keep for a long time), you won't regret your decision.

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I'd actually say silver. My Explorer is white and while it is everything RX says white can get dingy down around the rocker panels over time and is very difficult to match when bodywork is done. Silver hides everything, even better than white. Plus Lexus' white is a pearl coat which can make it even harder to match if it should need bodywork.

I also think black interiors look better longer than other colors also.

I took a breif detour from light colored cars with my ES but I won't do it again, the next one will be silver or some other silver based color (silvery blue, silvery green etc)

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