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Ideas For New Owner?


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I just got a '93 SC300. I love the car, but it is a 13 yr old vehicle. I was wondering if there are any cheap but helpful add-ons that most people purchase for this car, esp for the stereo, which I'm sure was state of the art 13 yrs ago, but now, its a little beat. I have always had cars that upgrading a stereo was as easy as popping in an amp and headset and some speakers. This car has everything all integrated, so replacing one compnant makes the other componants worthless. Also, I was thinking of putting a K&N filter on there (as that is my normal first purchase for any car i own), but if anyone has a better brand or idea, I'm open to suggestions. Basically, I'm lookinf to see what people did to their cars without a lot of money (time spent doing it is not an issue...idle hands and all).



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Ok, Skip the K&N you wont see any performance gains with it on this car.

The Stereo is the bane of many a SC owner. IF you want an after market system plan on these things MINIMUM.

- Custom wiring harness or Hardwired Head Unit

- Custom mounting brakets and Custom Face plate for the head unit (No good kits around)

- New Head Unit

- New Amp

- New Sub (If you want it to go in the stock location you selection is pretty limited, BUT you will still have a trunk)

- New 4" Componet Speakers for the front doors (Not nessisary, but HIGHLY recomended)

- New 4" - 6 1/4" Speakers for the rear (much more room to work with in the back)

- New Speaker Wires.

Now most of the electronics can be had for a resonable price. And making the Face Plate and Wire Harness isn't very hard or exspensive. BUT installing every thing is a GIANT PITA!!!! And evey stereo shop knows it. I have been quoted some insane labor prices. So if you can install it all your self go for it.

hope this helps.


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Yo Robotron -

Willing to sell your stock amp if you upgrade?

I'd like to buy it if it is still functioning.

SC4mil - is there no way to just drop an HU in there (including wire harness and face plate, but not replacing amp/speakers/sub)? Not for performance audio, but to get a system back to stock sound quality?

Thanks all

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