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Climate Temps Won't Display When Its Cold

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2000 GS400 with NAV screen:

Symptoms: When it's below about 35F (which hasn't happened to this California/Florida car ever before!), the climate screen won't display the thermostat temps, and, the air control and fan control screen "buttons" don't light up. The outside temp displays fine all the time.

The screen "buttons" still function, control air distribution and fan speeds, but won't display at all. The "dual" button doesn't light up when cold, and the "AUTO" button doesn't light up either, until the car heats up... Once the car interior heats up AND you stop/restart the car, the climate control screen/buttons works fine.

It's a royal pain in the you know what, and it would be nice to adjust temps, etc, when the car is cold.

ANY IDEAS??????? Is there some wiring/switch that could be faulty when cold?

Of course, Murphy's Law is in effect: the car's CPO 3yr/100,000 mile warranty ran out just before Christmas! :cries:

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Thank you... it's a perplexing problem. There is a dearth of information on this particular topic, and have not seen nor heard of this problem before in all my Lexus forum days...

Sounds like its time to rip out the NAV... might as well upgrade the sound while I'm in there!


Their is a open in the wiring or board inside of the unit

it needs to be removed and checked then fixed

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