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Vibrating Steering Wheel In 2005 Es


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Hi all,

I picked my 2005 ES up from the dealership yesterday afternoon. They put on the Michelin tires for me.

Upon driving away I thought how rougher the ride seemed, compared to the Toyo tires. Only as I drove longer did I realize that there is a slight vibration in the steering wheel. Very annoying and definitely new. Wasn't there before I took it in. I only have 1,100 miles.

Is this a sign they didn't do an alignment or that the tires aren't balanced? Where is this "awesome" dealership service when I need it?

Anyone have a similar experience? Of course I plan to take it back.


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if it is not the tire pressure,

It may be the balancing. I have seen tires throw weights before, too. They balance right, then the car is returned to the owner, they drive off and clink....there goes a weight at 55 mph. Then the vibration starts.

Check the pressures. if ok, then take it back to the dealer for a rebalance or take it to a shop with the Hunter Road Force balancing machine for the best possible balance.

If the you find the tire pressure is high and you drop it to 30 and then the ride is smooth.......ENJOY!


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It is most likely high road force in your tires.  This is very common on all most new models.

Please explain high road force. :wacko:

The service manager drove it. He said it was very smooth to him and that I felt the difference between a soft tire like the Toyo summer tire and the sturdier Michelins.

The ride isn't as smooth now. But then, I would have killed myself with the toyo proxies j33 in our current snow/icy conditions.

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Don't blame you lol. Remember to check the pressures cold. I don't know what the pressure is supposed to be on your car because you have the 17s, but on the 02-04 ES with the 16s its 29PSI. It'll be written on your drivers doorjamb.

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Possible belts shifting in the tire or tires? I have a 04 es330 with the Dunlop 5000's and had a slight vibration in the front tires. The told me the belts in these tires sometimes shift . After driving a while, it seems to have gone away, but I had tires rotated. Bad tire is now in the rear. Dealer told me if it didn't go away they would someting about it. Car has 10500 miles on it, super smooth now. I was told the factory balance is real good. hope this is helpful Take care!


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