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Wiring Diagram


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I am looking for a wiring diagram that specifies the function and color of each wire in a 1991 ls400. If any body can help please post a link or email me @ thank you for your help!   


From your previous post:

im trying to find the fuse box that holds the fuse to the auxiliary lights @ your feet in a 1991 ls400. i dont think its the box by the battery under the hood or the box by the brake pedal in the car. is there another fuse box?

please disreguard this. i just can't figure out why the lights @ your feet and the light in the ignition stopped working. they were working, the bulbs are not dead, i cant find a blown fuse, they just stopped working.

The diagram I posted previosly showed that Junction box 2 contains the 10amp DOME fuse. It is responsible (see attachment) for the Illumination system (ie door, vanity, ignition, dome, glovebox, trunk & map light. If any of those are working, then your fuse should be ok. It is located under the hood and to the right side of the engine compartment. Attached are more specifics about interior lighting system.


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