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Cingular Wireless Bluetooth Issue - Need Help

bill harris

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Cingular Wireless

I have a Motorola V551 cell phone with Bluetooth. I can get the phone working but I cannot download my phonebook or calendar.

Has anyone had any luck with this phone?

Can you recommend a phone from Cingular that works COMPLETELY.

How about the following phone:

Sony Ericsson T637 Camera Phone

Thanks in advance

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how are you connecting to your phone?

I use TDK Mobile software - lets me backup my phonebook, send SMS from the laptop etc.

What BT services do your phone and computer support?

I have a 2005 LS430 with Nav and the factory installed integrated phone setup. I am connecting through the Nav unit per the manual.


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I have the Sony T637 and it works very well. I don't use any type of calendar function so I can't comment on that. Upload of phone book worked great. There is a slight delay when dialing from the phone - people on the other end have answered and said hello before it comes thru the speaker. Minor annoyance. I went with that phone since it was on the list of approved phones for Lexus.


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