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'93 Tail Light Mod

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I love the look of bauhaus simplicity implied in the tail light design of the '92-'94 SCs. Especially the totally unique linear look and presence held by the full-length horizontal turn signal as it flashes changing lanes down a dark highway. Don't get me wrong, though, the subsequent year tail light designs are fresh too. Just not as "clean" as the original. What I don't like though is how only the outer-most portions of the tail lights illuminate (when not braking).

Is there a way to re-wire the tail lights to light up on both sides of the reverse beams whenever the lights are turned on (like they do when you brake) but at the normal driving light intensity? Is this something an auto accessory shop would be able to do with no problem, or is it something I could probably handle myself? Anyone here done it before?



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On 1/19/2005 at 4:48 AM, jzz30 said:

well what your probably need to do is get dual filament bulbs and sockets that fit the housing and just splice in the the night lights and brake light wires.

I think you're thinking in the right direction but I'm thinking the difference in the resistance would possibly cause a malfunction in the lighting (less likely) but almost certain that you'd get a tail light warning light glowing in the instrument panel.. 

The 95 and 6 lights have seven bulbs and that's where I'm sitting currently. I have a 96 with 7 bulb harness but I'm trying to find a unique mod for the 92 tails, which I prefer, so I've 3d printed adapters to fit the different sized bulbs in the slots they should go in order to illuminate when and where I feel will look and function best.. this leaves me with one stray bulb so it's final location will be unique because I'm going to cut or mold a new spot into the 92 back OR fit the 96 back onto my 92 lenses..


The saddest part is that I can't turn these into clears because the whole outer lens casing of the lights is molded of colored plastic unlike the 96s I have which as I've found have only the inserts that provide them with the intended red or amber coloring.. in a perfect world where I had nothing but time and money I would buy or even better put together my own set of unique LED lights but the idea of taking these apart again to replace a couple of burned out LEDs is enough to almost totally deter me from persuing the idea.. unless someone wants to point me towards a brand of led that is never to fail AND give me the rundown on how many LEDs to string along with what size resistors etc in order for them to work correctly.. SOOO.         CALLING ALL LED GURU'S.               if you can put together a good plan of what will work I will print out fitments for the LEDs that we can then fit into the tail lights and I will make you a set of inserts matching mine or even with a different pattern to your liking leaving only for you to put in and solder the LEDs themselves.. sounds like a win win win to me! Who's up for it!??!?






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