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Steering Wheel For Lx450


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My leather steering wheel is in terrible shape. I'd love to replace it with a wood/leather wheel, but can't find one anywhere. Any suggestions on where to look? No one locally refurbishes, so I have to look elsewhere. I can get one from a 2001 LX470... anybody know if that'll fit my '96 450? I know some of you guys have used American Stitches... were you happy with their work?

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I put some wheelskins on my wheel. Made a huge improvement, IMHO.

just pull the new leather on and stitch it together.

I went with a 2-tone -- oak and black -- my advice would be to stick with one color. If I were to do it again, I think I'd go with the perferated model in all black (maybe a dark brown)

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I would agree! The wheelskins looked awesome on my 4Runner, and matched the leather perfectly. Only $40 I think, but a real pain to install. For a replacement wheel, you might want to check out for nearly anything. Most toyota steering wheels are probably the same fitment, but may cost anywhere from $70- $900 from what I've seen. eBay didn't have much to look at, and most had the wood trim.

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