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Strut Bumper/bellow Vs Strut Boot


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I recently changed my strut inserts to KYB GR2's. I was told b my mechanic however that i also need Strut bumpers to control the rate at which the struts travel. I've searched sites and have found both Strut bumpers/bellows and Strut boots. They both seem to be the same thing but I need to know for sure b4 i order them. It's difficult to return items from St. Kitts to the US.

Pict of Strut Boot: post-2148-1106004208_thumb.jpg

No pict of Strut Bumper/Bellow but the ones out here look similar

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I didn;t know kyb made the inserts i though they only made full shocks for the 92-96

I think the mechanic is refering to the bump stops which don;t control the travel but stop the shock from exploding by having them fully retracted from a hard bump

it basically sits on the sturt rod at the top af the shaft against the upper mount

you can use your old bump stops no need to change them as they don;t break

never heard of a bellow for a strut

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