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Hi LOC members - recently found this forum and have been reading all the fantastic info.. I have a 95 LS400, and reading posts here have answered many questions I wondered about like the messed up radio display, engine hood unable to stay up, and very rare engine stalling after high speed cruising. Car has 124K on it right now, runs like a champ – perfect (see photo attached). I considered trading up for a 1999 or 2000 LS400 – but that requires an additional $15K which I am not ready to spare. Therefore, I am planning to get maintenance updated to date. I am pretty sure that timing belt was not changed at 90K. I am wondering if anyone has a complete list of things to be performed at 90K and 120K service. My guess is that I am looking at ~$2-3K expense – any tips? Thanks for your inputs.


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For a complete list.....

GO to your local Lexus Service dept. and talk to them about the two different services --that you're looking in to getting it done...

See if they'll give you a printout ---they most likely will.

90k service for my 99ls is $1500

basically all the fluids, filters, plugs, TB, Idler pulleys , TB tensioner....maybe brake pads.

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Welcome! :D Your car looks great! B)

You live in DFW, so I highly recommend JP Importz in Garland. He is very, very reasonable, but his work is first rate. I'm sure he can take care of you for well under what you are expecting to spend. His website has a list of what is completed at each mileage interval.

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