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Cd Changer Error 14

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Can anyone tell me what that code means?? I put my magazine in, it unloads all of the discs, and then the error comes up and nothing happens. I have to turn the car off in order to get the magazine out. 1995 LS400 with standard, "premium sound" Pioneer stereo.

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I have a similar problem on my 90 LS400 Pioneer, but I only get a "err" error message. It will play sometimes but mostly not. When it doesn't play, the changer does 2 series of rapid clicking, then err.

It used to be that I could eject the magazine, re-insert it and it would play, now I'm lucky if I can get it to play. But when it does, it will play even if I turn of the car and come back later. When the CD is finished and trys to load the next, clicking - err.

What is involved with refurbishing? I've removed the changer to have a look but nothing stood out as needing attention.

Blake918, what did you end up doing?

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Blake918, what did you end up doing?

Nothing just yet!! I can't decide on if I want to go the used or refurbished route. Used is around $200(ebay and junk yards) and a rebuild is about $400 from (I'm not sure what Pioneersbuy charges). I can't even get the darn thing out of its golve box, so that's step one for me! :blushing: I'm in the process of getting a Nokia Cark 91h install underway-I'm tracking down the parts now-the 91h itself should be here in about a week and a half-2 weeks, and I plan to have a working rendition of Jim's(1990LS400) setup with the integrated window antenna and auto mute on the stereo by the end of this month. B)


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