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Fog Light Bulb Replacement

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How do I get the old bulb out? I can't get at the back of the light from beneath or from the top.

Seems like there ought to be a way! :wacko:

1995 GS 300... The fog (driving?) lights on the low bottom of the air dam (lowest lights on the bumper)


well if you look at your fog lights, you'll notice a place piece right next to the lens. remove that (careful, they're pretty brittle) and you'll see to screws i think. unscrew them and they should pop out so you can replace the bulbs

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I have 'gently' pried at the plastic piece (it's on the inboard side of each fog light) but it doesn't seem to want to move.... :unsure:

Should I pull it straight out, tip it one way or the other, or what? I've a feeling I'll break it unless I get a tip on how it "should" be removed!


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you can get to them from the bottom of the car. jack it up a little so you have enough rum to move down there. remove the modguard under the front bumper(few screws). once you do that you should be able to see your fog light. just turn the cover that holds your bulb in. you should be able to see ur bulb at this point... all you do now is release the bulb. there is this clip holding it in and you just push in and pull it out

(play with it you'll noticed there is a way to get it out).hope this helps!

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