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Acceleration Problem Finally Solved!

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Earlier I wrote re a problem w/ loss of acceleration on my '98 GS300. The CEL & VSC lites came on & it went into limp mode. Auto Zone read the codes as a throttle position sensor (P1120 & P1121) which I then had replaced at my local Toyota dealer for $160 parts & labor. Ran great for 2 wks...then problem recurred. Took it back to Toyota & they said it needed a whole new throttle the tune of $1200. (They said it showed same codes as before. Didn't have an explanation for that..) Decided to go back to the local indie Lexus shop I used for my '92 ES, Davenport Motors in Plano, TX. Good people there... should have gone there first. Took a day & $500 but they fixed it...said they had never replaced a throttle body on a GS. They'd seen this problem before... faulty pedal position sensor. Car even seems a touch zippier now...maybe just happy not to be limping! :cheers:

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im new here and im having the exact same problem. the sealer replaced the tps and said it wasnt the fix and i needed the whole throttle body because there is a sensor in it. i called carsons toyota and they they told me i could buy the sensor seperate instead of getting the whole throttle body. 225 compared to 1200 is a crazy price difference. imma try it out and let you know how it goes if it can be done or not.

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