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"screeeeee" Sound At Startup In Cold Weather


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When the car has not been driven for a few days and the weather is cold, I always get a "screeeeeee" sound for about 1 second fromt the engine.:cries: It is very nerve racking...anyone know what it may be caused by.

My guess, it is oil starvation at startup.

ps. I did change my oil with Canadian 2 months ago to Semi-synthetic for $50.

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Mine did that, I had the Alternator and Power Steering belts replaced.  The car had 90K miles on it at that time.

The whole thing including OEM belts and Labor cost me $70.00.

I am pretty sure it is not the belts because I had them fixed (tightened) by a mechanic and I know what it sounds like. This sound is more "metalic" type of clatter.

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if it is not the belts and you are absolutely sure about that, then there is another possibility.

I remember a few threads talking about some bracket that is near the starter and flywheel I think. I would tell you to search but I don't what to tell you to search on. It was on early model ES, I think, and it was a dealer fix. I want to say it was a flange or bracket that gets caught or something. I am being very vague but maybe it will jog someone else's memory.


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