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400h Update


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I was able to find some more info from someone @ Lexus who has driven the car. First it appears they will all be built with the navigation pkg and the only options will be the rear dvd, heated seats, and a third one i forgot. The car does not have a tach. Put the key in and a ready button lights up when the engine warms. The car also does not have a starter. He said the drive was amazing with no hesitations and blew away a gas powered rx off the line. In order to fight vapor bleedage from the gas cap the is a computer that determines when it is safe for the cap to be opened. This could cause a slight delay in warmer climates. Overall it was amazing he said. With that kind of option build it should have an msrp of $48,000.

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I saw a guy in toronto who was auctioning off his place on the waiting list

it got up to 12000 then he ended it

Mmmmmm I'm #15 on one of the many lists.

Speaking of power, the maximum torque generated by the electric motors is available at 0 rpm. That's right - off the line, the RX400h should smoke any other Lexus. The nice thing is that if you don't need to embarass that BMW X5, you can get 30 MPG in the city!

Unlisted, thanks for the update. :cheers:

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