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Maroon/dark Red Rust Around Engine Block.


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I opened the hood today on my 91 es250, and on top of the block where those bolts are that have the rubber seals (not sure what they are called sorry) there is a maroon colored substance, I guess it looks like rust. it is also on a few of the sides of the block.

I live in michigan so i dont know if it has something to do with the salt on the roads or possibly something leaking. But it appeared within the last 2 weeks.

The substance is thick too, I can scrape it off with my finger.

Has anyone else had this happen.

Tried to take a pic but it doesnt show up.


Also i dont know what those bolts on top of the engine with the rubber seals under them are called, but you can tighten them with your hand. I noticed that the outer left seal has oil around it, Can someone give me a little insight on how to properly take care of that?

Thanks again.

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Yeah I read my question again and I don't know why I even posted it. I think it's just a combination of road salt, with the small amount of oil that is leaking from the valve and cold weather.

Anyone have a set or just 2 15" chrome wheels for a 1991 es250 or ls400 for sale?

I just slid into the curb with mine today lol.


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