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ive researched for months, never found anything other than stock 98 and up, even in the japan and australian market, best you can do is for about the same price as a fiberglass one is the carbon fiber elete one i believe at, i heard there cf stuff wasnt that great and the pic of it isnt my style, looked kinda to aggressive, so i got a fiber glass vertex style one, and had it cut in half horizontally just abouve theopening, and molded to my polyureathane bumper, i reinforced it myself by laying layers of fiberglass mat on the inside, looks awesome, well see how long it holds up, im a krazy driver so its gona go through a lot... also i saw on ebay a supra lip that he guarantees fits on an sc, i thought of getting the 98 and up polyureathane front bumper and trying to mold a supra polyureathane or cf front lip, but i dont know if thats gona work for sure, just an idea, and last they sale the jic magic front bumper(fiberglass only) at the lexus and toyota dealers, so im pretty sure of you went to the dealer and got it dont it would be pretty good quality..but anyhow if you go fiber glass just reinforce the bottom and part that connects to your car, and a stock expensive paint job, to keep it from chipping (and the bumper u buy should be gel coated) hope all this helps since i left so much for you to read, heh, hop it was worth it

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