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Spider Cracks In Paint

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My SC400 has spider web cracks in the paint on the front bumper were it seems that the bumper has bumped into something and flexed the paint so that it cracks in a spider web pattern.

Can this be safely repainted and the cracks not come back through the new paint, or does the bumper have to be completely striped and then repainted?

If it has to be striped, what is the best way to strip the paint without damaging the Urethane surface of the bumper cover?



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Body shops typically don't strip paint they just sand it down to prep. The cracks wouldn't transfer as they'd be sanded out.

Flexathene® Thermoplastic Polyolefin's are manufactured from polycarbonates or polymer blends and are used for aerodynamic spoilers, bumper covers and wings. They are a very porous vinyl with a `flex-agent' to ensure its flexibility and prevent `spider web' cracking (will only help with ‘touch’ type bumps and temperature expansion) Point is ensure that the paint shop uses a flex agent in the paint (as I’m sure any reputable shop will)


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Q: Are there any quality front bumper bras in the market? I hear the bras are usually avoided b/c it causes two-toned paint color?

The bumper is made to flex, along with the paint used on a bumper (it contains a flex agent) this is all supposed to absorb a low (5-MPH, I think) so a bumper cover / bra will not help. In the ‘5-MPH crash’ test the bumper is ‘hit’ at its center and the impact is spread over the entire area, if you suffer a side impact the flexing over such a small/short area causes the paint to flex more than the paint is able to and hence it cracks.


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