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Who Owns And Leases Their Lexus'?


Who owns and leases their Lexus'?  

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  1. 1. Who owns and leases their Lexus'?

    • I Own my Lexus (PAID OFF)
    • I Own my Lexus (FINANCED)
    • I Leased my Lexus

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Mine's leased for tax purposes as I'm self employed.

My lease has a running buyout option though and I'm tempted to buy it outright sometimes. I really like it and would like to keep it for a while and every month spent leasing makes it less and less wise to buy it out. Maybe I'll sit down with an accountant and figure out what would be best to do.

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bought mine in 97

but i am not a credit type person

if i can pay for it now i won't get it

too many people i know have too many people trying to keep up with the jones for sum dum reason

but that is why i bought a 2 year old instead of a new GS400 which i really wanted

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I financed mine......most (not all) folks that do get a 'brand new' Lexus usually lease the car because of the original new cost (and get more car for less of a monthly payment). Majority of 'pre-owned' Lexi are the opposite & either bought outright or financed, with only some used Lexi leased again. B) The same can be said about other 'high end' luxury vehicle brands. ;)


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