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500 Hp Lexus Supercar


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500 horsepower Lexus LF-A concept benefits from Toyota's Formula One experience

Detroit, Michigan - Lexus unveiled the LF-A sports car concept at a press conference today at the 2005 North American International Auto Show.

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"The Lexus LF-A, while currently only a concept, is a vision of how we might push the boundaries that define the exotic sports car landscape, and is unlike any vehicle we have ever built," said Stuart Payne, Director responsible for Lexus in Canada. {link}

The LF-A features an engine capable of developing more than 500 horsepower from a displacement of less than five litres. Lexus used its experience in Formula One competition to create the optimal combination of gearing weight and aerodynamics to produce a top speed in the range of 322 kilometres-per-hour (200 miles-per-hour).

Although it is more than 51 mm (2.0 in) shorter in length than the Porsche 911 Turbo, its wheelbase is 229 mm (9.0 in) longer. At 1220 mm (48 in), it is nearly identical in height to the Ferrari F430, and with a width of 1860 mm (73.2 in), it splits the difference between the Mercedes Benz SL55 and the Aston Martin DB9.

The LF-A expresses the emergence of a new global direction in styling for the company.

"Over the last two years, a new styling philosophy that we call L-Finesse, has taken shape at Lexus Design," said Wahei Hirai, Toyota Motor Corporation's global managing officer of design. "What has emerged from this two-year journey is not just a new direction in philosophy. It is a new design language, based on the dynamism and inherent contrast between simplicity and elegance."

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here you go

look liek a hard top to my avatar



your avatar will more likely become the future of the IS . Lexus has alot of great things planned. The "supercar" is alot closer to being built then stated in the article. They have to have something similiar in production by'08 as part of the deal to participate in the racing series

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