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Hi everyone,

I just received a DVD version 03.1 for my '01 GS300 which has the gene III DVD unit. I cannot get my DVD player to read the DVD disk. I am getting a "read error". I can read the dvd disk in my computer and I can access the directories.

The following part number is on the DVD=86271-33040, under that is the following number 464210-0337 with Data v.03.1

Is it possible that the dvd is for the gene IV dvd units? or the dvd is bad and my unit cannot read it.

Thank you for your help.


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How do you tell the difference between II, III and IV. Is it only by the year or is there something else?

You are probably right, my '01 should be a gen II. I do have a friend that just updated his with same looking dvd like mine (v.03.1) and it is working for him. Same year car build same month same options. He is out of town and I cannot check my dvd on his unit.

Anyway, the person I got the DVD is sending me another one. Hopefully this one will work.


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