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Timing Adjustment ?


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92 Lexus SC400, at idle I have measured timing at 14Deg BTDC when the range should be 8-12 according to the book.

Two Questions:

1.) Are there any adjustments that are possible for timing that is slightly out.

2.) What would be any cause (vacuum or other) that would result in this problem.

The car has 215K (a testament to the breed) and runs slightly Doggie compared to my 95 with 113k miles. It is lacking top end and sometimes starting occurs with a louder than necessary pop.

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You can check the timing but it's not adjustable unless you were to remove the timing belt and reposition the pulleys.

If you wait till Monday when I'm back at the shop, I'll check to see if you have to ground any connectors to check timing.

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While I am waiting for Monday to come around, more questions maybe the experts can answer..

If a timing belt is off by one notch does anyone know the probable effect on the timing?

I would think more of a difference than a few degrees of Crank angle.

One notch on the crackshaft gear = ?? degrees

One notch on either of the Cam gears = ?? degrees

IF anyone has the number of teeth present on these gears I may be able to work this out.

OR Would out of adjustment valves cause the computer to do this compensation?

I appreciate the help.

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