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94 Gs300 Locking Problem

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I have read the threads that I could find pertaining to this, but thought I would check with the experts here before proceeding. Here is where I am:

Purchased car without remote entry keys.

About 3 months ago, the rear passenger door lock quit working when the doors were locked, or unlock when the doors were unlocked.

I have since purchased new keys and receiver module for the origianl factory installed remote entry. When I use the remote entry, the locks lock, then continue to cycle and lock endlessly until I press the remote button again. At no point will it try to unlock the locked doors. In fact, it will continue to cycle through locking the doors until it runs the battery dead. :wacko:

I disassembled the door today, thinking it may be a shorted wire. (BTW, the window still works from the driver door or this door.) I could find no shorted or broken wires but this is what I found with checking the wiring harness to the door lock (This is the actuator, correct?)

With power locks locked:

Blue/Red - No Power

Blue/Black - No Power

Blue/White - Power

White/Black - Power

With Power Locks unlocked:

Blue/Red - Power

Blue/Black - No Power

Blue/White - Power

White/Black - Power

I acheive the results using the locks on the driver or pasenger door. I am hoping problem #2 (continuous locking) is related to fixing the lock on the rear door.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance. :D

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