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Retrofit Navigation To A Non-navi Ls430?


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I'm aware that the vent outlets are in difference positions, etc., but has anyone actually pulled apart the dash to see what's up back there?

You'd need a new head unit w/ navi from a wrecked LS430 as well as the DVD GPS system in the trunk. I know you wouldn't get mark levinson sound w/ the retrofit, but I'm just curious if it could be done. There's lots of non-Navi cars floating around out there.

No? How about a retractable map holder? :pirate:

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Sure, installing Nav in a non-Nav LS has been done before (spending thousands of $ to do it) but why would you want to do this on a relatively new car when there are lots of used LS430's with Nav available?

ECUPirate, you've been surfing here for at least a month. Why are you having such a hard time finding an acceptable LS430 at a reasonable price?

On, there are eight pages of CPO LS430's within 250 miles of the DC 20001 ZIP code and probably far more nice (and lower priced) used LS430's available at non-Lexus dealers and from individuals nearby. The asking prices on some of the CPO cars even seem reasonable and some (probably most) can likely be purchased for a lot less if a serious offer was made.

If the LS430's are really too expensive, consider stepping back a few model years.

I'll be arriving at BWI on Jan 28th. Do I have to help you choose a car? :chairshot: ;)

(Sorry ... love to give the kids a hard time...)

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Yeah, its possible but its also possible to put a washer and dryer in the trunk too. Its SO expensive and labor intensive you're better going with aftermarket nav.

I agree with Jim though, MOST LS430s have nav.

Hey Jim, you're coming to the DC area? If you've got the time I'd love to meet for a cup of coffee or something!

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I wish we could meet up Steve but I'm heading north for two days of packed activities in Baltimore - now beginning on Feb 18. But at least it is a "fun" trip with my wife this time -- I used to get the feeling that my 2nd home was the hotel across from the running track at Johns Hopkins.

Best wishes!

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testy are we? :) No, I've been looking for a while, which is fine. Call it the thrill of the hunt. Besides, I tend to be rather exacting when it comes to such a purchase.

I was just curious about the retrofit. I could probably go from junkyard to junkyard piecing together my own LS but that doesn't mean I would.

I've found and received suitable prices on a couple nice cars, but the dealer never called when they arrived on the lot and then immediately sold them to someone else (for a higher price).

Here's what I was looking for: Black w/ low miles, navi, cooled front seats 'cause my rear gets warm, and preferably the suede interior that comes w/ the CL or UL package, and all of this for a price that I found agreeable. Here's the wrench... now I think I might want white. But which white?! You see the difficulty. I could pay cash for a new one, but where's the bargain in that? <_<

Here's another retrofit question for you... front massaging seats. hmmm???

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Now thats more do-able (the massaging seats)

Honestly, if you can buy a new one I would buy a new one unless you're going to buy deeper into a 2000 or so. Like you said, the depreciation curve is pretty flat and if you're set on certain options and equipment buying new will be much more satisfying. Your LS is just a phone call and 3 weeks away in whatever form you want it to be if you buy new, and dealers deal on LS' pretty readily nowadays. The car lasts a long time and that makes something like a 2000 with low miles a great deal but an 03 with 7k miles etc over a new 05 in the refreshed style still in the box? I wouldn't.

Have you seen the analine interior on the UL and CL cars? Its not actually suede. Its a higher quality softer leather and you get special wood options (like the cool antiqued wood on the black interior) but thats it.

Jim- I gotcha, I'll catch you next time! Have fun!

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Yes, I love the look and feel of that fancy interior 'analine', as you said. And the new antiqued wood is stunning. But even to pay invoice for a new one seems like an extravagant purchase. I don't want to drop that much cash at this time. The 2000s are probably a much better buy, but I do like the toys on the newer cars. Besides, I haven't seen too many low mileage LS400s.

Now that xmas is over, I'm going back to plan A, I think... that is, to have my buddy pick up one for me at action.

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testy are we?  :)  No, I've been looking for a while, which is fine.  Call it the thrill of the hunt.  Besides, I tend to be rather exacting when it comes to such a purchase. 

I've found and received suitable prices on a couple nice cars, but the dealer never called when they arrived on the lot and then immediately sold them to someone else (for a higher price). 

Here's another retrofit question for you... front massaging seats.  hmmm???

Testy? I really am quite "warm and fuzzy"... The point I am making is, if I can sense that you are undecided by reading a few of your posts on an Internet forum, then a professional car salesman will size you up in a heartbeat and not consider you to be a serious customer.

Salesman didn't call you back? Of course not. He isn't interested in your "thrill of the hunt". He wants to make a living.

If you are going to buy a used car, you will likely have to be either be somewhat flexible in your requirements or you will have to expend most of the energy yourself in finding your "perfect car". The sales commission on a used Lexus, even a fairly new one, just isn't all that much.

I'm not a salesman "type", but I appreciate what they do. Our wonderful sales force allow me to make a very nice living. Hey, I've been called "a salesman's worst nightmare" because I apparently understand "the game" so well that I can, if I want, "toy" with salesmen and "make" them do deals they can't afford to do. But I don't do that anymore.

As I have gotten older, I have grown to appreciate that everyone has to make a living and I don't mind giving a salesman or dealer a decent (or even generous) commission or markup for finding something I want. I look at a salesman as a partner - not as an advasary.

So my advice is to figure out what you want before you do much more shopping. Until then, when entering a dealership, it is a nice gesture to tell salesman that you "are just kicking tires for now and not buying today". I love to look at cars and I do this often -- I notice that at least the smart salesmen appreciate my being upfront with them.

When you finally figure out your minimum requirements, take your checkbook and your wife (or significant other) with you and be ready to deal. And if you happen to find your "perfect car", by all means don't let a few thousand dollars difference between asking price and your offer stand in your way when spending $30+ for a used or new car. It's a "nit" and who knows how long it will be before another "perfect car" comes along.

I used to hear that the only sound deal was one in which both buyer and seller were equally unhappy. I don't believe it. The best deal is when both buyer and seller are happy with what they received.

But forget about cars. It is January! Depending on what is allowed in your tax bracket and your employment situation, it is time to fund all allowable IRA's, Roth IRA's, 401K's, Keough's, etc. as quickly as possible to get the biggest bang for your investment buck. Investing for the future is way more important than buying a car.

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The navigation system in the 2004 LS 430 actually has two vehicle position tracking methods:

1) GPS (2-D and 3-D)

2) Autonomous

The navigation system uses both of the above methods for fine-tuning, auto-correction and re-routing.

The autonomous system is relied upon when GPS is obstructed, e.g.:

- in a tunnel

- in an indoor parking lot

- between tall buildings

- under and overpass

- in a forest or tree-lined path

- extreme weather or cloud condition

The autonomous system relies on data from gyro sensor and vehicle (wheel) speed sensors.

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XTC - That's pretty neat. Didn't know the GPS did all that.

Jim - actually, I went to the dealer on one day and bought a GX for my girl, and negotiated a price (albeit higher than I would have liked) for a LS that hadn't arrived yet. That was supposed to be the end of it. The salesman took off on the day my car arrived and nobody called me. It was promtply sold to someone else. BTW, thanks for the tax advice! Did I mention I'm a tax accountant? :)


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Jim- January is also the best month to buy a car though, car sales hit the floor in January to the point where some salesmen make no money at all. If you're gonna buy a car, Jan's the time. Maybe its because everyone's off funding their IRAs :D

I get paid depending on how many cars my clients sell, and I have to plan my year around January.

ECU- There are LOTS of low mileage LS400s in our area you've just gotta look for them. We've got lots of retired people that just plain don't drive that much.

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